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February 22, 2011

brainstorming donation incentives

I've been having a really fruitful time figuring out awesome ideas for what to offer people if they donate to Cabiria so I can start making some dresses! I've been looking into ideas like additions to the website thank you page and personalized notecards for small donations, copies of the movie "Nights of Cabiria" and discounts against future orders for slightly bigger donations, dress/dresses, or even the complete line for big donations, taking people out to dinner at the restaurant of their choice in their city upon delivery of the dresses, a party, a carry-all signed by me, beautiful housewares that make me think of Italian fat girls, and collaborations with other artists for tie-in objects. I'm also thinking of a couple of really, really big ticket donation items that, if they come together, could be the coolest thank you present ever. Ever, really.

So given the fact that a donation to a small business essentially makes you a non-share holding investor, and your return is a prize instead of a percentage of the business (a different structure than charitable non-profit donations), what do you expect for your money? Good will? Happy thoughts? A swag bag? Bob Barker yelling "Come on down!"? I want to know!

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