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August 26, 2012

Platform checking, should you choose to accept it.

Friends, I'm writing this blog post for a select few only, before releasing it to the wilds of the Social Media Machine. You may have noticed one HUGE change in Cabiria, which is that we are now going to include size 12 in the line. Don't worry, it will be on a plus size, curvy US 12 measurement format, but I think this will address the desires of a lot of the retailers, consumers, and the general marketplace "tweens" (and I don't mean Bieber fans).

The real reason for this post is that I have been busily incorporating a lot of social media outlets into a cohesive unit: Blogger has changed to Google+, Facebook now supports the business Page more simply, Twitter is active, as is a new Pinterest Account. I am trying to compile everything into a Mailchimp Email list so I can make sure everyone gets the emails I intend to send them (and nothing more), but that's taking longer.

Today I signed into Cabiria's blog on my iPad, and realized that the super cool web font I'd been using for the blog the past 2 months was showing up as a horrible, unreadable, swirly font. Had no idea, because I should have remembered to check across platforms, but I hadn't. It's all now back to Verdana, which should be universal.

PLEASE let me know if you're receiving duplicate notifications from multiple platforms, or if the mobile version is wonky on any devices, or if the blog or website are showing up weird on a specific browser. If there doesn't seem to be anything amiss, wonderful. If there is, please write or DM me immediately, and I'll do everything I can to fix it.

Thank you so very very much, and more soon, once the kinks are worked out!

- Eden

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