SS15 La Strada per CABIRIA and Cabiria Collections

February 14, 2013

Cabiria now in stores!

Hello friends!

Yesterday was a fantastic, red letter day for us: Madison Plus Select launched their first dress from the Cabiria exclusive collection online. Check it out here:

They ordered a number of pieces from us, and are featuring them in a roll out with other brands, but we're up and running!

We are also going to be landing on the racks at the beautiful Bombshell Boutique in St. Paul, MN in the next few weeks. The owner Denise Alden has exquisite taste, and is a real treasure for you in the Twin Cities region.

As of this weekend, I should be done entering inventory onto the online store as well, and will be opening up the Cabiria Store online for direct sales as well. So many exciting things afoot! Hooray!



  1. Thanks for the shout out, Eden! We're so excited to get our Cabiria dresses. We know they're going to be a big hit! Happy Valentine's Day, my dear.

    1. Lovely Denise! Thank YOU for carrying Cabiria and supporting everything wonderful in indie design and plus fashion and just being a great retailer and human. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well! xoxo, E