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January 21, 2014

Berlin Fashion Stars at Curvy Is Sexy

Hello friends,

What a crazy few weeks it's been!  When I last posted, I was in the middle of the most serenely beautiful rain forest with a waterfall in the back of my tiny casita.  Less than a week later, I was in Berlin at the Curvy Is Sexy trade show, part of Berlin Fashion Week, and paired with the more established shows Premium and Bread and Butter (I love that name).

Tanja, Alex, Manuela and Roxi wearing Cabiria at the Curvy Is Sexy show
Manuela Cosenza and Tanja Marfo in the Sofia in French Apricot

I was not an official exhibitor, and I wanted to make sure I didn't step on anyone's toes, so I had to plan my marketing carefully.  I also very much wanted to see what the European market accepts and expects for plus sizes.  I had a number of prearranged models and bloggers come meet me at my apartment and try on their pieces, then head to the show together.  The impact of so many women wearing the same dresses in the space caught a LOT of attention, and before long, people were snapping photos.  It worked!

Manuela in Stella in Digital Snakeskin and Flavia in Giraffe
Then, Silvana Denker, who is the European face of Carmakoma, ended up interviewed on German TV RTL Punkt 12 and a Danish TV station wearing Cabiria as well!

Silvana Denker in Paola in Jade

Here's the embedded link to Cabiria Clothing in Berlin on Germany's RTL Punkt 12 during Berlin Fashion Week January 2014.

Silvana Denker in Stella in Blue Snakeskin and me in Sofia in French Apricot at Curvy Is Sexy
Next, Jorge Gonzalez from Germany's Next Top Model and Germany's Let's Dance came with my model Sandy Dietrich, and went on TV, with her wearing Cabiria as well.  Those shots landed in the newspaper Bild, along with Sandy in the celebrity pages at the catwalk shows audience.

Sandy Dietrich in Stella in Blue Leopard interviewed for Germany's Next Top Model at Curvy Is Sexy

Sandy Dietrich and Jorge Gonzalez posing on Berlin Fashion Week's red carpet
Sandy Dietrich wearing Stella in Blue Leopard with Jorge Gonzalez and Bruce Darnell of Germany's Next Superstar

As a side bonus, I also got to meet my wonderful retailer from London's Ms. SVG Boutique, Monique Howell (who wore the Flaminia in Tropicalia), and reconnect with the legendary and talented Anna Scholz.
Monique Howell of London's Ms. SVG in Flaminia in Tropicalia

Anna Scholz and Eden at Curvy Is Sexy in Berlin
I'm incredibly happy with the reception and press Cabiria received in Berlin.  Meanwhile at home, I'm so happy to announce that Blair Chic Boutique in Chicago is our newest vendor! Please check out their wide variety of stock at 1343 N. Ashland Avenue and get into the lovely things you see on this page.

Finally, to anyone who thinks that Plus Size Fashion isn't a real contender, I offer this: on January 10th, Cabiria was in Forbes Magazine.  The magazine devoted to all things money and business.  Forbes!

I still have stock in a number of the pieces you see here, so go order them while they are available and help me fund the next collection!

Until the next adventure, all my best.


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