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March 24, 2011

Halfway to New York

I'm writing this in a Pilot Travel Center parking lot, halfway to New York for a fabric buying expedition, among other things. Starting a business, especially as a sole entrepreneur instead of someone who has a career doing other stuff or as a group, is nerve wracking stuff. So much about finding team members to help execute your vision, keeping all the plates spinning, making The Right decisions, but when I get to go buy fabrics...ooooh yes. Like mother's milk. I admit, I'm a fine fabric fetishist, and can wax on for hours about a particular fiber or weave, so I'm excited and calmed by the knowledge that shortly I'll be surrounded by beautiful fabrics again...and taking them back to Cabiria offices to make beautiful dresses very soon! Thrilling, I am not kidding. Stay with me folks- soon I'll figure out how to post photos here!

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