SS15 La Strada per CABIRIA and Cabiria Collections

March 21, 2011

Big steps forward!

Hey everyone,

This week has been a huge leap forward for Cabiria coming to fruition! The bids came through for the patternmaker, and she's off and running. I met with my web development guys, and gave the go ahead, so soon I'll have the Phase I website up and running. I found some great fit models and photo shoot models, I borrowed a video camera so I can make a video to show you all what I'm up to, and I attributed style numbers and determined the first line. THE FIRST LINE!!! I know that's nothing to those who aren't fashiony and all, but for a fashion company, determining exactly what I'll be offering as a collection for the very first season of production is ENORMOUS!

I even got samples in of my swag for donors, and have a very sexy bistro mug about to go into production.

I'm insanely excited that this is moving forward - I know it seems like it's taking forever, and in some ways it is, but I'm Going Big here, so I'm trying to cover all the bases. In the meantime, I have a buying trip in New York scheduled this coming week, too. Fabrics are calling to me!

Happy Spring, everyone! I hope it's as productive and fruitful as mine is so far!



  1. I look forward to buying your fabulous clothing!!! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Thanks RobinWB! I hope to have SOMETHING very soon!