SS15 La Strada per CABIRIA and Cabiria Collections

May 16, 2011

the next set for your enjoyment

Greetings from sunny Orlando, Florida!

I wouldn't let you guys go without new dresses just because I'm on the road. This week's dress composite is the AIMEE (last week's was the SOFIA, if I forgot to mention it). All of my dresses are currently named after actresses or character names in Fellini movies, however I have a special perk. One of my donation incentives, albeit at the $5,000 level, is that you get to name the dress styles. It could be your own name, it could be someone you'd like to honor, it could be your superhero name! If you look at lifetime costs of having a child or a pet, it's really a bargain...

So onto the new dresses! Again, please let me know your opinions, comments, and constructive criticisms. The Aimee has an elasticized waist, a flyaway wrap skirt, pockets, and adjustable 1/2" straps on metal sliders. It's made of silk knit jersey, which can be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry, or dry cleaned.

Again, please be constructive in your criticisms and opinions! You can dislike something, but not telling me why doesn't help me change it for the better!



  1. I'm loving that green zebra print one... it's a great use of the print that doesn't scream "I'm in ANIMAL PRINT!" and that shade of green is very current.
    I also love that the straps are on metal sliders. I know I'm not in the target range for your clientele, but makes me totally jealous.

  2. @Rachael thanks for the awesome feedback! The bad news is there's only about 14 yards of that currently in existence. The awesome news is that if I get enough orders, I know who developed the textile print and can order in lots as low as 500 yards in the silk jersey! That's really only about 200 dresses worth. And no jealousy - I'm sure we can take in a size 14 for you...or take you out to dinner more often! ;)

  3. I'm madly in love with row 1 box 5 and row 2 box 4. Is the neckline pretty low? If so, is there enough room in your design for a cami or well fitted t-shirt for modesty when wearing to work?

  4. Additional question, based on the almost custom nature of these dresses, do you have a price range target?

  5. @Meredith as it stands right now, I'm in the same spot as many small companies on price point. I am not making thousands of units, and all development is on my venture, not spread across a large conglomerate, so the price point is competitive with other designers on the higher end - about $200 - $275 per dress. That itself already takes some creative hurdles. If I am able to fund a bigger run based on bigger orders, prices can drop, but volume is truly the name of the game in clothing sales.

    As far as the room for a cami/tee/pretty bra, absolutely there is room. The neckline is a surplice (wrap front), which means one could wear something underneath for modesty, but it crosses in front so it won't fall open.

  6. I agree with Meredith: I love the last dress on each row. To me it has an Asian aura.

  7. @Sandra ooh nice! It's a lightweight georgette, but yes, I can completely see the Asian aspect too. Thanks for the comment!