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May 9, 2011

Today's fabric yumminess

Hi Folks!

So it was a great weekend for people watching - I went to the Kentucky Derby! Okay, technically, I went to Louisville on Derby weekend with the hopes of getting in (and didn't), but the people watching around town was stupendous. Fabulous springtime dresses and hats everywhere, despite the rainy weather.

Which brings me to my latest fabric update. First of all, THANK YOU to the wonderful people who have DONATED (using the button conveniently located to your right) to Cabiria, and helped me get sumptuous fabrics, but also things like labels:

and shipping (less interesting to post a photo of my UPS guy) and business licences (VERY uninteresting photo there) and all the other ephemera that go into a start up. I can't do this without you, so THANK YOU! Now, onto some cool stuff...

Today's fabric teaser is a lightweight 100% silk piqué (marcella, or waffle weave) with ENORMOUS flowers on it. Like 14" across enormous. Which I think looks amazing on a bigger body, because we have the real estate to show it off properly (ahem). With all the 80's shapes and fabrics that have been hitting the market lately, the weave feels both James Galanos (Nancy Reagan's favorite designer) or Hanae Mori and totally au courant. Did I mention it's also light as air?

I get really excited about this stuff - I hope you guys do too, and please, let your friends know about us!


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