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September 4, 2012

Check, check, one two on the microphone

Hello friends,

So many new things happening over here at Cabiria HQ! The photoshoot and video shoot are coming together beautifully, and now I've released my first MailChimp email subscriber newsletter.

I am not a technically gifted girl - I know clothing and plus size fit like the back of my extra large hand - but working with the advanced settings of a social media mailer isn't my strongest suit. If you find anything wonky in any mail you receive, first off, my humblest apologies, but please point them out to me!

In the meantime, this means if you're a subscriber to the newsletter, I believe you will now receive the blog posts automatically as well, and it should let you know on Twitter and the Facebook Cabiria Page as well.

I will leave you with this bit of locations research from our photoshoot hunt. It's a 15th century marble well head turned into a fountain... and we have access!

Talk soon,


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