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October 30, 2012

New Cabiria FAQ (and we've got power)

Hi friends,

Just a quick update tonight. It's quite late, and the eye of the hurricane has passed over us, but there will still be another wave hitting Long Island Sound within the hour, so we'll see if we keep our power.

While I've been up watching the storm and checking the light switches, I've had time to put together a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Kickstarter. There's been quite a lot of hubbub where some things got misconstrued, and I hope this information clears up those misunderstandings. It will also allow me to concentrate on designing the stickers and thank you cards and everything else that goes with a Kickstarter campaign's successful funding, as well as new fabric pattern design and general doodling.

I totally intended to be lazy and watch Blonde Venus again. Didn't happen. Wrote a FAQ instead.

Please forward this around to whomever you like in the Plus Size Fashion community. I hope you are all safe, sound, dry, warm, cozy, happy, well loved and well fed tonight and every night.

In the meantime, here's a photo of me wearing Francesca in Feathers, posing with Gregory's coffee (our $100 swag) which will need sticker labels.

All the best,


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