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October 28, 2012

We've topped $7000! We're over 87% Funded (and there's a hurricane coming)

Pretty much that's my whole message. We've broken the $7000 mark on Day 6 on Kickstarter, with a hurricane bearing down on us and riots over bottled water in the streets! A friend is telling me that in some areas the meteorological service is expecting waves of 14 to 22 feet, and the seawall in several areas of New York City is only 9 feet high.

If there are major power and internet outages because of this storm, please don't think we're slacking. I'll be back when the storm repercussions are over, and updating our results as we go. Wouldn't it be an amazing and surreal thing if the power goes off and we have $7000, and when it comes back on, we've topped the goal and I miss it? Only time will tell.

Thank you so much, everyone, and please stay safe and dry out there.

All my best,


following is an inexcusable "bathroom mirror shot", but I like showing that you can dress these pieces up or down. I didn't have Matthew Powell, our brilliant photographer, on hand to take a better picture, so mea culpa.

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