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March 30, 2013

Big in Japan (literally)

Hi friends,

As promised, I was able to upload the video clip from our extraordinarily cool segment on NHK Japanese TV's show "El Mundo", as part of the Plus Size Model show. My amazing pal Ayako translated it on the fly as this:

"Now, designers specializing in plus sizes are succeeding. Just making regular sized dresses bigger doesn't make plus size body lines look beautiful. Eden Miller is a designer that is known for accentuating the plus size body lines. She doesn't just make the dresses bigger, she crafts her dresses by generously adding lines to different parts of the dress." The title on the lower left says: "Full-sized women are popular / The front line of plus size fashion".

Multilingual friends are the best, aren't they? In any case, enjoy!

All the best, Eden

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