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March 24, 2013

More stores, including New York and New Orleans!

Hello friends,

It's been such a great ride so far since these dresses have hit the market. I'm so very excited that as they get more attention, more stores want to carry them, and then you, my dear reader, can actually see, touch (and buy) them!

This week brought some amazing things: NHK Japanese TV show "El Mundo" shot a segment about us while we were still in production, and it aired this past week, showing us in the factory! I'm currently trying to figure out how to get the segment trimmed to show you just us, since the show is an hour long. Very cool and Cabiria looks great!

Now the best news - I love independent plus size boutiques, and I'm thrilled that Cabiria is now in 2 more of them! New Orleans ladies, The Voluptuous Vixen in the French Quarter has Cabiria in stock in the next few days, and my New York City sisters, Curvaceous K on the Lower East Side has Cabiria on the racks as we speak. Here's a shot of what landed at Curvaceous K before she even had a chance to put them on pretty hangers:

To add to the fun, Stephanie Sack at Vive la femme in Chicago made a video showing off the new shipment of Cabiria dresses as well. Check out the great video!

And don't forget Bombshell Boutique in St. Paul, and everywhere on Madison Plus Select and Pionna and of course on our Cabiria website as well. If there's an item you want to try on from the website, TALK TO YOUR RETAILER and ask them to order it in for you. I'm perfectly willing to work with stores this way, and it helps create a network of customer, store, and manufacturer. Conversation!

Finally, I'd really really appreciate it if everyone could "Like" the Cabiria Facebook page. It's important to be able to get information out on the business without it all feeding through my personal account, and it helps promote the brand as a whole. PLEASE "Like" us, and if you have ideas on how to get more Likes, please let me know. Thank you all and go shop!

All the best, Eden

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