SS15 La Strada per CABIRIA and Cabiria Collections

September 26, 2013

Crazy couple of weeks, and more great news coming

Hello friends!

Well, it has been a somewhat crazy few weeks following the NYFW Cabiria show, and all the press that came around it. I think I had underestimated what a big splash we were making with our little company, relatively brand new and all. But people really understood that Cabiria was making history, and with a groundswell of positive public sentiment as well. It was awe inspiring to watch that recognition happen around the globe, and I'm incredibly proud to have been the emissary.

All that attention meant that I needed to move everything into a factory that would take good care of us, fast! We have as of this week gotten into the perfect sized place for us - not so small as to lose the professional touches, and not so big as to get lost, and best of all, in my beloved Garment Center in New York City!

I will be releasing items in waves this time around, as I didn't make it in time to fulfill regular seasonal delivery, but we've gotten order from around the world, and pre-orders for more. New fabrics, and many of those pieces from the NYFW show, so familiar shapes. Separates, and sumptuous fabrics too, and some surprises up my sleeve for spring!

The next step as a small business is going to be growth. Now I have shown that there's interest and a real market out there, I need to do a more formal round of capital raising to get to the next step. Many challenges are on the horizon, but I know we can do it!

In the meantime, here's some teaser fabrics for the new collection - all silk and high quality wools, of course...

As far as press goes, we hit the jackpot. We were on the front page of the Sunday Style sections of MAJOR papers around the world right after the show, featuring my beautiful plus size models. I'm talking The London Times (UK), Suededeutsche (Germany), Al Jazeera America, and L'Express (Paris). And Yahoo's front page, CNN, Nightline, OMG Insider, and ABC News. And major papers in China and Kenya and Oman and New Zealand and Indonesia.

Then there was a lovely mention by Jimmy Fallon on his late night show (he totally got it), as well as an NPR segment and Howard Stern. Definitely hitting the zeitgeist there. And finally, a standing invitation to go on the new Queen Latifah talk show. I love her!

Because I can't even handle how much press came in, here's a comprehensive list, unless of course I missed a few. Entirely probable, actually. Please forgive me! And enjoy catching up if you like.

All my best, Eden

Beutiful Magazine

AFP footage from the show

The Curvy Fashionista


NPR with Audie Cornish and Robin Givhan of The Cut from New York Magazine (comment at 2:47-3:00)

Hello Giggles: Queen of The Day

The Gloss

Fashionista post show article</>

ABC News

Dare Magazine (Canada) page 10)

Zaftig Times

Al Jazeera America

Suedeutsche Stil (Germany)

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (monologue 4:47-5:05)

CNN Erin Burnett OutFront

OMG Insider with Emme

Times of Oman

Explosiv (Germany)


Wondervol (Netherlands)


Straits Times (Singapore)

Oman Observer

Capital Kenya (Kenya)

Masque Mag

Sioux City Journal

Grown and Curvy Woman</>

Ozarks First

Houston Chronicle

Style Hs No Size (Netherlands)

Amica (Germany)

Girl Talk HQ

Beautiful Curvy (Italy)

Policymic (China)

Terra TV (Brazil)


DNA Info New York

Break Thru Radio

Paozim de Queijo (Brazil)

Fashion News Live

NY Daily News

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Yahoo Shine

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The Atlantic

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Bernadett Vajda


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