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September 2, 2013

Overwhelming response and a few teasers

Hello friends,

Thank everyone for sitting up and paying attention about the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week event! A little information on that:

- Some people who were invited have told me in private IM's and emails that they did not receive an email. Please check your email filters for anything from The Fashion Law Institute or Fashion GPS around August 22nd. That's the group that's presenting Cabiria. RSVP right away, please!

- This is a group show and we had a very limited number of invites allowed to us. Please, please, from the bottom of my heart, do not take offense if you aren't able to attend. I had to make some difficult choices that would create the most amount of resonance in the industry with the small allotment I had.

- The show will be at Lincoln Center's The Box off 62nd Street. An interesting cultural side note is that there is an assumption that we all know where The Box is, as the invite company did not include the address. Since we plus size girls have never been invited to the party, many of us didn't know where The Box was.

To whet your appetites, here are 4 teasers of what's going down the runway.

Now that that's covered, let's get on to the holy moly press response across the globe! The avalanche started like this:

I had been interviewed several weeks ago by Tyler McCall at's article on plus women's shopping dilemmas. Right as that happened, I was asked to participate in NYFW in the main venue, and it was quickly discovered that that had never happened before for a plus size line. Fashionista then added me to another article with Tim Gunn discussing the "repugnant choices" plus women have in major department stores currently [his words]. Then, a few days ago, Fashionista published their big scoop, that Cabiria would be the first plus designer featured at NYFW.

My social media feeds blew up. I do know a lot of people in the fashion world, but didn't realize how big this was going to get... until the next day, when The Daily Mail in the UK picked up the story on their news feed.

Then Refinery 29's article hit;

another hugely influential fashion site posted about me and from there, the world. Literally. So far, I've been contacted by press from all over the US, the UK, Australia,Brazil, Belgium, The Netherlands, Indonesia, and Qatar. Please forgive my not posting images from each one, but there is a clickable link to each article with each listing.

Enjoy the reading list, which is in no order other than where I typed it, and I'll update you all again soon!

All the best, Eden


Daily Mail UK



De Morgen (Netherlands & Belgium)


Analogue Chic

Abbey Post

HLN (Belgium)


Hello Beautiful

Fashion Times

Fashion n' Style

Daily Venus Diva

Grazia (UK)

Total Beauty

More of Me To Love

Caras (Brazil)

Global Noiz

Plus Model Mag

Internet Nachrichtenagentur (Germany)

Misstop (UK)

Famosas & Fotos (Brazil)

Debora Fernandes Plus (Brazil)

Okezone (Indonesia)

Newsstand 24/7

Cosmopolitan . net

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