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August 18, 2013

New York Fashion Week and New Stores and So Much More!

Hello friends,

It has been a VERY busy several weeks here at Cabiria!

Not to bury the lead, I'll let you know about the hugest of the big news: Cabiria has been invited to take part in New York Fashion Week in the tent shows. It will be September 6th, the first show of the second day, right before the Project Runway show. Cabiria is the first plus designer to EVER be invited to show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Shows. Ever. This is such a huge milestone for legitimizing plus fashion, and incredibly exciting for me personally.* In the meantime, I've got a lot of work to do!

Cabiria garnered a lot of press in the past few weeks, much due to Aimee Cheshire of Madison Plus Select and her team. We were featured in an article by Tyler McCall about the state of the Plus Size industry on the very prominent and generally straight size fashion blog The interview was arranged through Aimee, and I was featured as an example of one of her favorite designers doing right by the customers. I really do love these opportunities to reach beyond the usual audience, and is a big platform!

Aimee was also the one responsible for getting Sofia in Giant Peony onto page 75 of the September issue of Redbook Magazine (the one with Kristen Bell on the cover). She even modeled the dress beautifully! We're part of their by-line on The New Plus-Size Rules for dressing fashionably.

We are also thrilled to work with another online retailer, Abby Post, who writes a blog with fashion tips as well. They included us in their tips for how to dress beautifully for business meetings, and featured our Francesca in Orange Dot dress. It's wonderful to have the owner Cynthia really promoting for Cabiria - she was one of our first customers as well! 

We also got into two more stores!!! - ReDress, newly owned by Rachel Kacenjar of Cupcake & Cuddlebunny and Sweetooth fame, is currently online and imminently opening their storefront in Cleveland, OH. The other is Astoria, NY based Lockwood, the store rebooted from the former Site NYC business. Lockwood just opened this weekend, and is owned by the gorgeously plus size Mackenzi. I really hope she models some of the items she's carrying! Stop by and convince her, please.

Finally, I leave you with two customer photos. Jessica wrote to me a while ago about selling her a sample that had been made for the photo shoot, but didn't go into production. She was really lovely about it, and wore it to several weddings, so I feel the good mojo has been earned. Plus, she looks stunning in it - so happy!

The other is a fantastic woman I met by chance a while ago, who happens to be a journalist and a body acceptance crusader. She came to interview me for an upcoming article for her magazine Beutiful [sic], and fell in love with the Flaminia in Tropicalia dress. Doesn't she look stunning in it?

I think this was the longest post I've ever had, but with really good reason. Talk soon and enjoy yourselves!

All the best, Eden 

* I will update you all as we have more information and photos. I have invited press and retailers and buyers only, as my invite list was small, but if I could, I'd let everyone in. It's not under my control.