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November 21, 2013

Autumn Winter 2014 Campo Dei Fiori Collection - Delivery!!!

Hello friends,

It's been a while since I've posted, and there's a reason why: I've been super busy trying to get all the items through our New York City based factory for AW14, and tomorrow we're taking delivery on the clothes!  I can't believe how excited I am about all this, and I can't wait to get them into shops around the globe for you all to wear.

Right around the corner next week we'll have our photoshoot with all these new pieces, and I'm excited to be working with some of the gorgeous models from the NYFW show again, as well as a new face too.  I'm such a lucky woman to work with so much talent!

Frances in the Sofia in B&W Wire Fence at NYFW
Henry S. Dziekan III for Fashion Law Institute
Maxey in the Stella in Orange Pebble & Blue Snakeskin and Flavia in 8-bit Atari in at NYFW
Henry S. Dziekan III for Fashion Law Institute
Jourdan, our Plus Model Edie Sedgwick/ Jean Seberg lookalike

In the meantime, we're now stocked all across the US, newly in London, and working on getting into shops in Canada and elsewhere in Europe.  Let me know if there's a place that should carry Cabiria, and we'll try to get in there.
This collection is called Campo Dei Fiori, named after another neighborhood in Rome, which translates to "Field of Flowers".  There is so much pattern and color happening in this collection of favorite shapes from last season and new items like tops and skirts, how could I resist naming the collection after such a riotously beautiful place?

We have the Flavia, a deep pocketed pencil skirt, in 100% satin wool with a great giraffe print or in a dense French brocade that looks like an 8-bit Atari game in chevrons.
photo courtesy Madison Plus Select all rights reserved
photo courtesy Madison Plus Select all rights reserved

We have the Stella, a closed placket long sleeved romantic top in pattern mixes of orange pebbled 100% silk twill and a blue digital snakeskin print in stretch silk charmeuse, or an abstract blue leopard print on 100% silk charmeuse and black silk charmeuse contrast.
photo courtesy Madison Plus Select all rights reserved

We have the Paola, a 100% fine gauge merino wool maxi dress with a twisted keyhole neckline and a unique lining in jade green or huge orange and gold floral, with a different pattern for each person.

photo courtesy of Henry S. Dziekan III for Fashion Law Institute all rights reserved
We have the Stefania, a long sleeved version of our popular Sofia dress, with a lapel and elasticized waist in luxurious 100% silk Crepe de Chine, silk faille, silk twill, 4-ply silk or merino wool jersey.

And finally, we have new fabrics in our Sofia dress, still in silk jersey, and this time in French apricot bouquets on charcoal black, or black abstract bars on a blue like a clear summer day sky.

Cabiria's also received some incredible press, since the last post, but my absolute favorite is a piece of mail sent from a woman who bought the Sofia in Giant Peony for her honeymoon. I've never met Carrie Malone or her new husband , but she felt good enough in her dress to send me this photo, on Kawaii.  This is why I do what I do, in a nutshell.
Carrie and Zach Malone from their honeymoon in Hawaii

I can't wait to share the photoshoot images with you all as well!  Seriously, can not wait.

All the best, Eden