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November 1, 2012

A matter of conscience, and how to help with Sandy relief efforts

On October 23rd, Cabiria launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 towards funding production of the Spring Summer 2013 Collection, and we have in just over a week gotten to over 110%. That covers our original intention, and starts towards our stretch goals. Thank you so very much.

During that week, an unprecedented Superstorm devastated my beloved adopted hometown, and many many people will be effected in the long term. It becomes somewhat of a conflict that I am conducting what could be seen as an unimportant, frivolous personal drive during a time of much greater priorities.

I encourage you to contribute to both.

Everyone pitching in with the existing government infrastructure and NGO relief efforts, as well as personally helping neighbors will bring New York City and it's environs back, like we have before. Contributing to Cabiria helps in small part by building a future that is better socially, reaching outside the scope of our here and now. Cabiria is also on a finite timeline with Kickstarter, and is forced because of the platform's rules to continue despite tasteful prudence, or lose everything we've gained in the week before the storm.

If you haven't become involved already, Red Hook Initiative, LES Recovers, Hoboken's community board, and a number of other community organizations are working hard to get our city back on it's feet. I also encourage you to donate to The American Red Cross today, and earmark it for Sandy recovery.

American Red Cross link
Red Hook [Brooklyn] Initiative link
Lower East Side Recovers link
Hoboken Volunteer board link
Thriive How you can Help link
Time Out NY's How You can Help link

And the Kickstarter Campaign for Cabiria: Get Cabiria funded through Kickstarter link

If you need immediate support due to the storm and it's aftermath, please contact one of the organizations above, or privately contact me and I'll do what I can.

Contribute to human kindness and extend love to everybody.

Thank you!

- Eden

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