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November 20, 2012

The Last Day of the Campaign

Hello, friends!

I want to thank everyone who ran with the banner of the Kickstarter campaign while I was called away. Thank you for the kind words and letters of condolence that you sent, and thank you for not letting the Cabiria campaign fade away so I have great things to look forward to very soon.

My mom had great style in the 70's, and everyone said she looked like a Jewish Sofia Loren. More importantly, she was an incredibly smart woman who fully took up causes relating to women's rights and feminism, and taught me that with diligence, I could become anything I wanted to, regardless of gender. That tenacity and iconoclasm is her legacy to me, and I am a richer person for it.

This photo is me, my mom, and my brother just after my 7th birthday. This is how I remember her best: sitting with her kids, waiting for us to touch one of the animals at the petting zoo, and delighting at our peals of laughter.

The Cabiria campaign is the culmination of my mom teaching me strength and tenacity, and you have shown your support of my dream. Thank you for that, and if there's anyone who hasn't heard about Cabiria's campaign on Kickstarter, please let them know - it's the last 24 hours, and this last push will take us into new, untold heights.

All the best,

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