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November 3, 2012

Moving Forward and Reaching Further

Hi everyone,

Friday was a big day for me. I'm a cancer survivor, and yesterday was the one year anniversary of my very successful surgery. Yay! I'd been planning on launching the Kickstarter campaign almost 2 years ago when Cabiria was a dream and relatively half baked, but then life stuff happened and slowed me down. Well, here I am in 2012, halfway through the campaign and it's a lot more vital a project than it would have been when I first thought of getting it up online.

I've been quiet(er) this week because of Sandy's devastation, but I also have a short window in which to get out the word about Cabiria on Kickstarter. This project was on track waaaay before the storm, and has a set end date of November 21st. I am a fighter and survivor, and don't let things like force majeure take me off track. So there!

Please tell your friends that the campaign is still going and we want to meet those stretch goals. Please spread the word OUTSIDE THE PLUS SIZE COMMUNITY TOO. This is a product for plus size women, but the reasons for it have to do with EQUALITY, SELF LOVE, ART, SOCIAL JUSTICE, and FASHION. The mainstream media still want to have daily interest pieces that aren't all about Sandy's aftermath, and I've got that with a ticking timer.

I've spent this week contacting mainstream fashion bloggers and daily trend reporters like Racked (part of the Curbed Network), Refinery29, Daily Candy, Scoutmob, Yelp, and Marie Claire. If you have any contacts in PR or media, please let me know. I've even written to Beth Ditto. You never know what might stick, right?

Stay safe out there, and think big.

- Eden

following is Allison McGevna and I on the cyc from the collection shoot. Yes, I look silly in my socks, but that's how you keep the white floor clean. And yes, Allison is a gorgeous woman, even when being silly.

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