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April 28, 2011

First master block ready to go!

Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to give HUGE thanks to those who've already contributed to the Cabiria donation pool. You inspire me and help me stay encouraged, and I'm overwhelmed with that generosity. If you haven't done so yet, please follow me here on the blog, and I'll keep updating as I go.

Ignore the look on my face. I'm really happy, I promise!

So I'm back from the patternmaker with the first master block pattern finessed and ready to be used as the building block of the whole line. So exciting! What this means is it's a size 20, which will be a Medium, more or less. We'll build all our samples in this size 20, using the master block as a base to extrapolate from, then tweak as needed.

Once all the styles are developed in a size 20 and we do our photo shoot and line sheets, then send those on to retailers across the country, we'll grade up to a size 24 and down to a size 14 (considering special 12's, maybe, maybe, all with the initial fit and sizing in mind.

Which is why I was looking for fit models a while ago. Jumped the gun, really, but I love being prepared.

In any case, moving forward, in no small part because you're helping me. Thank you, and please tell your friends so they can be involved too!



  1. Very cool! Now what can you do for those of us who are like an 18-20 in the shoulders but a 14 at the waist? :D


  2. @Natasha I can make styles with nipped in waist and recommend some great belts! ;) xo, Eden