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April 10, 2011

Where to find interns?

Hey all!

I've been working diligently on putting together the business plan, the financials, the block fitters, finding the marketing venues, and and and... I think I need help.

I'm looking for some creative, outside the box thinking interns for a few hours per week to help with anything from tagging and labeling fabric as it comes in to receipt inputting, to brainstorming about marketing options, to draping and rough patterning, to sourcing, to just about anything and everything about starting a fashion business.

1. this intern MUST BE FAT FRIENDLY. Seriously. Whole point of the line, really.
2. this intern MUST BE TRUSTWORTHY AND DEPENDABLE. Everyone who's ever worked for me in the past has worked hard, and learned tons, which they then transported into their fabulously successful lives. I do NOT work well with lazy people, entitled people, or flakes.
3. if we work well together, THIS MAY BECOME A PAID POSITION. May. No guarantees, but I'm keeping my eyes out for the magical team member.
4. this is an UNPAID INTERNSHIP for now. I have taught college courses (at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY), I've managed departments, and I've won prizes. I can impart a lot of information to you, but for now, this is ONLY FOR COLLEGE CREDITS OR EXPERIENCE.

Cabiria is located in the East Lake section of Atlanta, GA. All applicants must provide their own transportation to and from the office.

Hope to hear from you soon at eden {at} NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!

Thanks everyone!


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