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April 14, 2011

I know, I'm on about the feathers, but I'm a bit obsessed

There's going to be an insanely exciting show at the Met's Costume Institute shortly, showcasing Alexander McQueen's work. In reading about the upcoming show ("Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty"), I found out that those feathers I've posted about earlier are gold painted duck feathers. Real duck feathers, hand stitched down to the base jacket. Ahhhh-mazing.

Even the way everything was photographed is visionary. An excuse to go to the museum? Okay!



  1. Eden - have you seen the peacock dress on my facebook page? :) I started to stitch those to the velvet, but ended up cheating and using glue instead. The glued ones do seem to be holding on better (including a trip to England and back), even if the construction offends my sensibilities a bit!

  2. @Jeannie, I'll have to check those out - I had not! I'm pretty sure the gold feathers were applied with fairy dust and angel kisses, but a glue gun works too! ;) xo, Eden