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April 27, 2011

Help Cabiria Grow!

Hey all!

It's an expensive adventure, starting a new company from scratch, and I need your help. I've added a DONATE button through Paypal to the side bar on the right so you can actively get in on the action at the ground floor. Please donate - every dollar is a huge help!

According to a study published by Harvard Business School in November, 2010 , “human beings around the world
derive emotional benefits from using their financial resources to help others (prosocial spending). How great is it that giving away some of your money can actually,literally, bring you happiness AND lower your stress levels?

Donating to a small business that otherwise wouldn’t have the capital to start builds communities and jobs as well. For every service Cabiria provides, we hire or contract another individual or business to carry out the supply chain needs. The samplemaker with her team sewing the samples employs a small group of women, the local artist collective run screenprinting shop developing textile prints, the web developer brought on to facilitate the e-commerce site; each person hires more of their pool of employees, creating a community network and an influx of business building cash. Since Cabiria is a certified Women’s Business
Enterprise (WBE), we try very hard to work with other WBE’s to create a stronger, more empowered women’s business base.

By promoting a business that is working to foster confident, empowered women of every size to gain new heights of self-esteem, you enrich the world. Even if you are not a sizeable woman yourself, by supporting a social change for the better, you’re making the world a healthier, happier place for people of all shapes, sizes and genders to thrive.

For Cabiria specifically, you are helping to introduce plus size women to the simple luxuries that mainstream size women take for granted when they shop in boutiques and high end stores: sumptuous fabrics, interesting, body aware cuts, and gorgeous, detail oriented finishes. It’s so important to create a new sensibility of “normal expectations” of quality for plus size consumers, and by helping start up Cabiria, you take part in raising those expectations.

And finally, if all the happiness, lowered stress, community building, job creation, marketing opportunities, women’s empowerment, and demand fulfillment weren’t enough, there’s SWAG! Cabiria’s creating special incentive products related to the first collection, but only available to donors. There will only be a limited quantity of these items made, using up the fabric, and uniquely labeled so everyone will know how wonderful and generous you are.

No matter what reason you have for donating and helping Cabiria grow and thrive, Thank You!!!


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