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April 21, 2011

Laissez les rondes femmes roulez!

Hey folks!

I write to you now from a beautiful apartment near the Garden District in New Orleans; it's my first visit here, and to be sure not my last.

I came in part to visit The Voluptuous Vixen, a great plus size boutique here in the Crescent City, but am simply charmed by the lush, nearly tropical, definitely tangible beauty of the place. Not to mention, while walking on Magazine St looking for dinner, I stumbled across another plus size boutique, Ms. Spratt's, named after the Jack Spratt children's tale "...his wife could eat no lean...". Accidental score!

This town will host me for the next few days, but I'm already planning return trips. Laissez les rondes femmes roulez! (Let the big girls roll!)


p.s.: this is from Ms. Spratt's window...

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